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Behold... My Future
  I will marry Tom Welling.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in New York in our fabulous Apartment.  
  We will have 2 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a Red Dodge Dakota.
  I will spend my days as a Journalist, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future
hehe.  teasing actually i have nothing of excitement to report.  my rl is pretty much stressful and yuck so i like to avoid that at all cost.  im so behind in reading friends posts because my internet was down at home for 2 wks and of course the school blocks wicked sites like lj!  (lol)

anyway, im totally three eps behind in smallville and as painful as it is to watch, ive come to realize that id rather watch in pain then wonder.  so does anyone anywhere know where i can find these online, i have no tv.  i was finding them on youtube but they usually only last one ep before being deleted and channel suspended.  rude asses lol.

well i guess thats it.  i had a dream about chlark the other night.  sad.  not a sad dream but sad that im dreaming about those guys because my show is letting me down so hardcore.  i hope its getting better.

wow...2months just flew by!

my dear friend monicaop sent me a little nudge the other day so i thought i better get on here and post, i had no idea it had been THAT long.  here are a few random thoughts.


on smallville and spoilersCollapse )


real lifeCollapse )

to all my lj friends...thanks
thanks to monicaop for noticing i was gone and missing me :)  it's nice to be missed.  *hugs*
thanks to ellyfanfiction for keeping up her awesome MHE and other stories to give me something to look forward to while i procrastinate homework at 2am.  you keep our chlark hearts beating!
thanks to msS, for her awesome recaps which involve only chlark screencaps that celebrate what's right with the show.  and also for your videos that take scenes and tweak them to make them how they were meant to be.  lol.  your visual aids are BEAUTIFUL!  you were one of my very first friends here, and since i haven't told you lately...i love you girl!
thanks to rjchasez for taking the totally craptastic spoilers and putting your fantastic rose colored spin on them, injecting us all with a shot of chlarky optimism.  you help remind me why i'm here in this fandom, why i still hold on to the last shred of hope, why i continue to ignore the bs and just wait for it.  good things come to those who wait.  i totally enjoy reading your speculations and *hint* your stories.  so uh, get updating girl, its been a while.  ps...so so so glad you survived that hurricane nightmare.
thanks to tabby, for being our ambassador if you will, keeping us in the know with ms mack and giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts and dreams and randomness with her.  what an opportunity!  we're always greatful to you for that.
happy birthday (belated) massena!  i didn't know you were a libra like me!  that's awesome!  hope it was happy and thanks for your part in keeping this fandom alive, organizing us and calling us to action, giving us opportunities and information to make OUR voice heard.  you constantly bring us votes, addresses, projects, your just awesome!
chunkymonkey...where are you???  haven't heard from you in a long time.  i need your fun chlarky fluff and your nois jabs about muffins. 
thanks to everyone i haven't mentioned...for your fanfics, your life stories, your videos, your icons, your recaps, your spoilers...most of all for your friendship!  its nice to know you are out there.

ps...so maxima, the girl that's gonna try to get it on with clark, and sounds like shes going to succeed, is played by an actress named...charlotte sullivan.  in case you missed my point i'll repeat myself...CHarLOttE SULLIVAN.  i find this interesting....thoughts?

hello all my lj friends!

hi everybody, i'm sure you've noticed my recent absence.

no?  hmmmm well ok i know im not the avid poster on my own journal but i usually do make a good contribution of comments on everyone elses.  hehe  anyway for those of you who HAVE noticed, i started a job monday.  ive been working for the past 4 years on getting BA in elementary teaching and now im finally to the point of interning!  so i get to student teach this year and then next year i will have my own classroom.  really exciting and really terrifying at the same time.  its been a huge adjustment being away from home and my kids *sniff*  i really really miss them.  but lucky for me two of them are in school with me so i guess we'll still see each other in passing. 

anyway so im intern teaching in a 3rd grade classroom, and my host teacher said that i can be in charge of maintaining a current events bulletin board!!!  im freaking out, im so excited.  it will be like my very own Torch only for little kids hehe.  we get to post news on events, fundraisers, birthdays, holidays, national news, local news, weather, comics, its gonna rock!  any suggestions on a name for my lovely periodical?  other than the torch, daily planet, or wall of weird...i dont want to be too geeky hehe.  although the daily....something would be cool.

in other news, i was bored wandering around target the other day and i ran across these little handheld electronic games called 20Q.  they come in all categories so i pick up one thats for celebrities and it claims that you think of any celeb and it will ask you 20 questions and then guess who you are thinking.  the games consists of a little ball with a screen for the questions and guesses to show and then four buttons: yes, no, sometimes and unknown.  so always the skeptic, i pick one up and say ok your on little ball...im going to think of allison mack and your not going to guess, because to me it seems that it would pick up on the obvious ones like angelina jolie or brad pitt.  so it goes along and asks these random questions, am i female? am i on tv?  am i short?  do i have blonde hair?  i found it kind of funky that it was asking so many yes questions right off the bat, like it really was reading my mind.  then it asked if i was born before 1975 and i said no, and it asked if i had awards and i said yes, and then it says have you been in a blockbuster movie, and im like well no, ant bully or honey we shrunk ourselves wouldnt be considered Blockbuster, so i say no and then all of the sudden on the screen the words scroll...that last question gave you away.  and then it thinks for a couple seconds and says....are you allison mack?  ok it totally freaked me out.  i almost threw the thing across the store.  of course then i was addicted and started to play more and more and it just kept guessing right everytime.  you can also play the game online if you're interested, its www.20q.net.  i thought it was pretty sweet that our girl has progressed in her fame to be numbered along with all the other major celebs in this games database.



the audio on this last one is a little funky with the echo and all but i like the concept.  hey guys you know what...


hey im working with windows movie maker just on a slideshow thing for family, starting out small.  anyway im trying to add the music and so i went import audio and chose a wmp file i downloaded off of myspace.  the file plays all the way through on wmp but when i play on wmm it just plays the intro and cuts out.  im wondering if maybe this is just a preview and there is a second step that will actually add the music to the project?  like how i had to import the pictures and then add them to the storyboard?  does anyone out there want to take a second to help me please!  THANK YOU!  =D
Behold... My Future
  I will marry Tom Welling.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Italy in our fabulous Shack.  
  We will have 4 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a Red Scooter.
  I will spend my days as a Lawyer, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future